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Unlock Your Future in Aviation:

Explore Our FAQ on A&P Certification and Drone Licensing

Dive into our detailed FAQ section to uncover everything you need to know about becoming a certified airplane mechanic or drone operator with The Global School of Aeronautics. From our intensive Airframe & Powerplant (A&P) Program designed for aspiring mechanics and pilots, to our comprehensive drone licensing courses, find out how our expert-led, short-term classes can propel you into a lucrative career in aviation. Whether you're transitioning from the military, looking to leverage veterans benefits, or aiming to start at a major airline with a salary ranging from $95k to $115k, our FAQs will guide you through the requirements, benefits, and next steps on your path to certification. Discover how our nationwide education centers and virtual classes offer the flexibility and depth you need to succeed in the aviation industry.

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  • Who takes the A&P Program for FAA Airplane & Powerplant Rating?

    When aircraft mechanics get out of the military, this school is the bridge to get into mechanics and get certified!

  • What is the A&P Program exactly?

    It is the prep course for mechanics (or pilots) who want to learn more. This course gets students ready for the test to be certified for FAA Airplane & Powerplant Rating.

  • Where can I take the course in person?

    We are in Georgia, Alabama, and Alaska, but the school is nationwide educator. We also do virtual classes! So if you want to be a certified airplane mechanic, this is the place for you

  • Who teaches the classes? Are they qualified?

    Our classes are taught by a former commercial airline pilot and mechanic, who logged over 28K flight hours with Delta and the military. All total we have 7 drone instructors, and 14 A&P (mechanics) instructors.

  • How long does the class take?

    It is a 10 day class. We make sure you are prepared by helping you with the hands-on mechanic portion, written questions, and verbal skills you will need on the official test day.

  • How long does it take to get into the class? How long is the waiting period?

    Typical wait times are about 6 weeks. Our schedule is on our website.

  • What kind of people take your course?

    We have contracts with major airlines, military branches, and local law enforcement. Students even come from outside of the USA just to take this course.

  • Do you accept veterans benefits to help with payment of the program?

    Yes, we accept Veterans Benefits! Call to ask us about how to apply using your Veterans Educational Credits. There are 7 programs that will help with funding (COOL program). Call to ask about them!

  • What are the requirements of becoming certified to be an airplane mechanic?

    People need 30 months of experience to become a mechanic, OR go to an FAA approved school. (18 months) The 30 months can be in the civilian or military sector.

  • What is the typical salary I could expect after I become a certified airplane mechanic?

    An average starting Salary is then 95k – 115k starting with a major airline.

  • What happens after I take the course at Global School of Aeronautics? What is my next step?

    After the school course is complete, with all written, practicals and class time completed, you are then ready to take the final exam! And best of all: 97% of our students pass on the 1st time!

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Global School of Aeronautics, LLC
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Tel 334.400.7373 | [email protected]
© 2024 | GlobalSchoolofAeronautics.com
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